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About us


My wife, Claire, and I feel so very blessed, proud and humbled to have founded G2G Home Inspections back in 2014.  We truly feel that God has guided our every step since the very beginning!

Born and raised in South Africa, Mark studied IT in college but began his working career in the swimming pool industry. First building them then working his way to construction supervisor.  Like Florida, South Africa has the perfect climate for swimming pools. However, in 2004, He and his wife, Claire moved to England where they started a family.  England, however, is not a very “pool friendly” environment and Mark switched career paths to what he had originally studied - IT.

In 2003 Mark and Claire took a trip to USA and fell in love with the country! Then in 2010 Mark was given an opportunity to move permanently to USA.  He didn’t hesitate!  In 2011 he and his family moved to Jacksonville and began studying ministry at CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE.  Mark graduated Bible College in 2013 and still remains very active in the ministry.

A friend introduced Mark to the Home Inspection industry. Home inspections was something he quickly picked up on, really enjoyed and wanted to pursue. In 2013 Mark became a licensed Home Inspector through the state of Florida.  Years later, he is still in the industry and thoroughly enjoying it!

"What I love most about being a home inspector is the people I meet and the relationships I have had the pleasure of building along the way!.No two days are the same. No two homes are the same. No two people are the same. That’s what keeps this job exciting."

"I base my entire work ethic on this scripture:"
Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as though unto the Lord and not merely men”